Monday, October 10, 2011

Neutrogena Wave

Hello :D

I came across neutrogena wave a long time ago in one of the supermarkets and I decided to try it out recently. It works by placing a disposable piece of cotton which comes with it (foaming pads) on the round area on top, it'll stick there by itself, then you run it under the water just a little bit, and start using it on your face, there's a button you have to keep pressing for it to work.When you run out of foaming pads, you can just buy them seperately from the supermarket or pharmacy, wherever its sold.
After using it several times, I finally made up my opinion on it. It has good things and bad things.

1. It leaves my skin very soft after using it
2. Cleans my skin very well unlike using a regular face wash, this one really removes all the dirt and make up to the extent that if I use a toner afterwards, nothing would come out of my face lol
3. The little device really vibrates strongly so its good for improving the blood circulation on the face which is a good thing ofcourse

1. The vibrations are so strong! They give me a headache when I use it
2. Having to press the button constantly for it to work is annoying, its so hard to press it hurts my thumb :( and sometimes it gets stuck and keeps vibrating alone lol
3. The foam the pads make have a strong perfume smell, it dries my skin

Bottom line:
I stopped using it regularly because a face scrub can give the same results without the negative things that comes with the neutrogena wave (except for the improvement of blood circulation part). My sister likes it though so I gave it to her, I would use it sometimes every once in a while.

Hope this helps :)
Let me know if you used it, what do you think? I also heard that Neutrogena made another improved version of it with a similar name. Have you used that one?