Monday, October 10, 2011

Neutrogena Wave

Hello :D

I came across neutrogena wave a long time ago in one of the supermarkets and I decided to try it out recently. It works by placing a disposable piece of cotton which comes with it (foaming pads) on the round area on top, it'll stick there by itself, then you run it under the water just a little bit, and start using it on your face, there's a button you have to keep pressing for it to work.When you run out of foaming pads, you can just buy them seperately from the supermarket or pharmacy, wherever its sold.
After using it several times, I finally made up my opinion on it. It has good things and bad things.

1. It leaves my skin very soft after using it
2. Cleans my skin very well unlike using a regular face wash, this one really removes all the dirt and make up to the extent that if I use a toner afterwards, nothing would come out of my face lol
3. The little device really vibrates strongly so its good for improving the blood circulation on the face which is a good thing ofcourse

1. The vibrations are so strong! They give me a headache when I use it
2. Having to press the button constantly for it to work is annoying, its so hard to press it hurts my thumb :( and sometimes it gets stuck and keeps vibrating alone lol
3. The foam the pads make have a strong perfume smell, it dries my skin

Bottom line:
I stopped using it regularly because a face scrub can give the same results without the negative things that comes with the neutrogena wave (except for the improvement of blood circulation part). My sister likes it though so I gave it to her, I would use it sometimes every once in a while.

Hope this helps :)
Let me know if you used it, what do you think? I also heard that Neutrogena made another improved version of it with a similar name. Have you used that one?

Friday, September 30, 2011

I think I'm back

Hello to whoever might be reading this :p

I hope everyone is doing good <3
I've stopped blogging for a very long time obviously, I got caught up with the summer holiday, then I was never motivated enough to get back on track ..
I forgot how good it made me feel to blog about things that interest me, there were soooooooooooooo many topics on my mind for the blog, feel free to let me know if there any certain things u want to read about, maybe a specific beauty or make-up product and I'll try my best  :D
I was still following up with other blogs in my spare time, so many great this out there ;) !

See you soon!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Benetint Review


I haven't blogged in such a long time, I've been busy with many things like assignments and exams...
Anywaaaaays Benetint is a must have for the summer!
It has a lovely rosey smell!! I can't stop smelling it everytime I'm about to use it :P
And it really STAYS on all day!! Even when I go swimming in the pool!! It never goes away unless I remove it with a make up remover, so they really mean it when they say its waterproof.
I just apply a few dots on my cheeks and blend it with my fingers right away, it looks very natural and it gives a nice glow to the face.
I love using it every time I go out now that its summer time, especially to the beach or pool.
But the only thing I don't like about it is that it stains on my fingers after blending, even after washing my hands with soap and water.
Even though no one would want to have pink/red stains on their fingertips, atleast it really shows how good it is in terms of being waterproof lol.
Overall, I think that this is an amazing product! Definitely something I would buy again (after I finish the one I have), its really useful since its very hot and humid here where I am.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Kiehl's Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado


I have heard a lot of good things about this cream, yet it was not what I expected, just because it wasn't what I was looking for since I wanted a simple eye cream to use for day and night, nothing too much. After trying this cream, I see that its great for mosturizing, since its very thick/rich, but sometimes I find it too thick to even spread, I feel that I'm streching my skin trying to spread this cream along the area and this might cause wrinkles. So, it is much better when dabbing the cream around my eye area instead of spreading it along. Another thing is that it its texture becomes weird after applying it. First, its a thick cream when applying the first layer, then throughout applying another layer for better mosturizing, it becomes liquidy, yet still it stays in its place and doesn't go away. I use it mostly as a night eye cream, since its so thick, and if I feel that my skin is dry or needs better mosturizing, I apply a little of it in the morning after washing my face, otherwise I'd be using a thinner cream for the day time. This little jar has a lot of cream in it, so it lasts a long time, I had mine for a few months now and it still hasen't finished or even close to finishing. I definitely reccomend this if you have dry skin around your eyes, it will do the job very well, it mosturizes and leaves the skin very soft.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Soprano XL: Painless Hair Removal Laser

I read about this laser recently in a magazine, and it says that its suitable for all skin types and its painless. Unlike other types of lasers, they may cause burns since they're not suitable for all hair and skin types. I also asked my friend to ask her mother about it (she's a dermatologist) and she said the same thing.
Tell me in the comments please if you ever tried it or heard anything about it.

I can't wait to try it!!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

L'oreal True Match Foundation + Loose Powder

Hello :D
I have been hearing KandeeJohnson talk about the L'oreal true match foundation for a very long time, she always said that its on of her favorite foundations. I did not think about trying it until a while ago when I ran out of liquid foundation. I did not have much time to try a lot of foundations and decide that day, so I went to try the make-up forever HD foundation and I did not like it at alllllll!!! It made my skin look dry and did not blend in well at all. I was very surprised because all I hear about this foundation is how good it is, but I guess its different on everyones skin.
Anyways, this L'oreal foundation worked very well with me when I settled it in with the L'oreal mineral powder. It stayed for a very long time and it looked very smooth and natural. Especially that I applied it with the beauty blender!!!! It looked amazingg!! :D

I think it would work with any loose powder, the only thing I did not like about this powder is the brush that comes with it, its very rough. So, I applied it with my kabuki brush.
Tell me if you ever used one of theses products, what do you think of them?
What's your favorite liquid foundation or loose powder? 

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Huda Beauty Million Hits Party!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I've been wanting to post this the minute I came back from the HUDA BEAUTY BASH!!! But the internet was not working at home :( so now I'm posting this in uni lol

So I recieved an invitation by email to the HUDA BEAUTY BASH!! After posting a comment on her blog post "Huda Beauty Million Hits Party Contest!!!!"

I got soooo excited seeing the invitation and replying back for the RSVP

Yet, I was very nervous thinking that I'll be going alone, thank GOD my friend R managed to come with me in the end!! She made my day when she told me that she'll be able to come!!

We had so much fun there!!! There were "complimentary minxing of nails from Nail Moda, Touch and Feel station with Braun (showing you how to get gorgeously smooth, hair-free skin), Skin consultations from Olay, Product Activities with Pantene's New Clinicare Line, Hair and Makeup from Hush Salon, mini-photoshoots from Capital D Studios and FABULOUS Goody Bags!" (copied from the email they sent me along with the invitation)

Everything was set in a different station, I loved the Nail Moda station the most!! R and I both got nail polish and then we took pictures from Capital D Studio's mini photo shoot =D

After leaving, we went to get dinner and headed back home ...

Whats in the goody bag:


Lots of vouchers from salons/spas + biolite

There were also lots of catalogs and flyers ..
Thank you hudabeauty !!!

Monday, May 9, 2011

We Belong To Allah and To Him We Shall Return

تم العثور على جثة المرحوم عبدالله اميري اليوم الساعه08:56 صباحا بعد سآعآت طويلة من البحث ، انا لله وانا اليه راجعون

قال رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم: (الشهداء خمسة: المطعون، و المبطون، والغرق، وصاحب الهدم، والشهيد في سبيل الله)

 اللهم اغفر له وارحمه ، وعافه ، واعف عنه ، وأكرم نُزُله ، ووسع مُدخلهُ ، واغسله بالماء والثلج والبرد ، ونقه من الخطايا كما ينقى الثوب الأبيض من الدنس ، وأبدله داراً خيراً من داره ، وأهلاً خيراً من أهله، وأدخله الجنة و أعذه من عذاب القبر ومن عذاب النار . اللهم إن عبد لله أميري  في ذمتك و حبل جوارك ، فقه من فتنة القبر وعذاب النار ، وأنت أهل الوفاء والحق. فاغفر له وارحمهُ إنك أنت الغفور الرحيم.
اللهم إنه عبدك وابن عبدك وابن أمتك يحتاج إلى رحمتك ، وأنت غني عن عذابه ، إن كان مُحسناً فزده في حسناته ، وإن كان مُسيئاً فتجاوز عنه

لا حول ولا قوة إلا بالله

اللهم اغفر لعبدالله صلاح الأميري وارحمه , وعافه واعف عنه , وأكرم نزله ووسع مدخله , واغسله بالماء والثلج والبرد ونقه من الذنوب والخطايا كما ينقى الثوب الأبيض من الدنس, اللهم جازه بالحسنات إحسانا وبالسيئات عفوا وغفرانا , اللهم عبدك عبدالله صلاح الأميري ان كان محسنا فزد في حسناته وأن كان مسيئا فتجاوز اللهم عن إساءته, اللهم افتح أبواب السماء لروحه وأبواب رحمتك وأبواب جنتك أجمعين برحمتك ياأرحم الراحمين, اللهم هذا عبدك خرج من روح الدنيا وسعتها , ومحبوه وأحباؤه فيها إلي ظلمة القبر وماهو لاقيه , كان يشهد أن لا إله إلا الله وأن محمد عبدك ورسولك وأنت أعلم به , اللهم يمن كتابه , وهون حسابه , ولين ترابه , وألهمه حسن جوابه , وطيب ثراه وأكرم مثواه واجعل الجنة مستقره ومأواه.

اللهم اغفر لأهلي و لجميع موتى المسلمين والمسلمات , الذين شهدوا لك بالوحدانيه , ولنبيك بالرساله , وماتوا على ذلك , اللهم اغفر لهم وارحمهم وباعد بينهم وبين خطاياهم كما باعدت بين المشرق والمغرب, وأعنهم على جواب منكر ونكير يارب العرش العظيم

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Sugar Lip Scrub

Another way I heard about is applying vaseline to your lips, let it set it for a while, then rub it off with sugar or a toothbrush

How to Press Pigments

Very Informative :)

Friday, May 6, 2011

Neutrogena 6 Hour Protection Lip Balm

Hi :D

This lip balm is AMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAZING!!! If you have dry lips you seriously have to tryyyyyyyyyy it !!!! A friend recommended this to me a few days ago, so I tried it out. But I never expected such results!!! It moisturized my lips instantly !! + The effect of the results really last, unlike other lip balms or lip moisturizers, they just moisturize your lips when you apply it then your lips go back to being dry. Its very smooth, so the skin absorbs it very well and leaves your lips very soft, they'll look like they've never been dry. However, the only thing I didn't like about it is the taste when it gets in my mouth by mistake, yet thats not a reason not to buy it since the results are AMAZING. The packaging is great also, the tip of it is round so its applied very smoothly.
Thats just my own opinion on this product after trying it and seeing its results :).

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Princess Diana The Secret Tapes

I have been watching royal wedding recently on YouTube because I wasn't able to watch all of it live that same day. Anyways, I came across this documentary somehow. Its a must watch if you're interested. Its divided into 10 videos and it talks about Princess Diana's life based on tapes that she recorded with a person to write a biography.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Gel Eye Liner

Bobbi Brown or Mac?

I have been using Mac gel liner for a long time, but recently, I noticed that its not good enough for me, it always dries up really fast (in its pot), since I got it & its not as dark as I want it to be.
Many have reccomended the Bobbi Brown gel liner and prefer it over the Mac, so I'm thinking of trying it out.
However, I also want to go back to using liquid liner.
I don't like pencil eye liners, I don't find them looking as neat when applying & they don't stay long enough
Which type eye liner do you use and what do you prefer?
What do you think of gel eye liners?

Monday, April 25, 2011

Le Boudoir d'Eden

Hi ..;D

I've seen this store in Lebanon before it opens here & I was glad to finally see a branch here in Dubai Mall. There's also another branch in Mirdif City Center, but the main one which has more things is the one in Dubai Mall. Le Boudoir d'Eden has scarfs and a lot of very nice accessories that I couldn't even choose from.These are some of the things my sis & I bought. I don't like the ribbon on the ring in the 4th pic, I'm thinking of removing it :P

Friday, April 22, 2011

Al Soufra - InterContinental Dubai Festival City

I went for lunch yesterday in AlSoufra which is a Lebanese restaurant in intercontinental hotel in festival city. The food was alright, I've eaten better Lebanese food though. The place was empty, so it didn't feel nice sitting there without seeing other people besides us and another group at the other end of the place. Overall, I'd never go back there, it wasn't a nice experience for the reasons I just mentioned. I don't think its worth going to since there are much better restaurants of the same cuisine.

 Not something I'd want to see when I go to a restaurant ^

This tatsted amazing though ^

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Dior Airflash Spray Foundation

hii ;D 

This is just my personal opinion on the Airflash spray foundation, I'm not a make up artist or anything like that. However, I have tried many foundations and this is the BEST one so far. It gives a nice finish and it fully covers any blemishes very well without looking fake, it stays on the face ALL day without getting wiped out. It also gives a nice, natural glow to my face & its so fun to apply. The only downside to applying it is that it might get to the hair, so I cover my hair before spraying it on my face and I have to wipe it off my brows if I spray any there by mistake. Its much neater to spray it then even it out with a brush, I have seen some people applying it without using a brush afterwards, this looks kind of messy.
What I do is I spray it on my face in the shape of letter "Z" or in a wavy motion, then I use a brush to spread it everywhere evenly, if I see that I need more, then I go ahead and apply more and even it out again. I learned how to do this myself after several attempts of finding out the right way of using it, then I found a youtube video that explains it.
I definitely think its a must-have, at least to try at first and compare with other foundations you use, there's a huge chance you'll go back to the air flash :p. This is the only foundation that I keep buying when I run out of it, although I don't use it everyday just because it takes more time to apply than a regular compressed powder foundation.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Clinique Toner

I know many people have talked about this already, but from asking my friends, not all girls know about this amazing toner. After using it, I realized the wonders it does, I really feel how clean my skin becomes, so it helps prevent break outs. The downside to it is that it dries your skin because it has alcohol in it, however this is not a problem as long as you use a moisturizer after it. There are 4 different kinds for the different skin types, mine is the 2nd one for combination skin. I have never used a toner before this one, I didn't think its important to use one, but trust me it really cleans your skin!!! It removes foundation that you wouldn't even see after removing your make up!! I'm not an expert in this, this is just my personal opinion after using the toner, I have read a lot of reviews about it and I never heard a single bad thing.

Chocolate bar


I went to chocolate bar last night for dessert, I never went there before & I don't know why =p
The picture above is of the branch in Dubai Mall, but the one I went to is in Mirdif City Center

Chocolate gelato for me... it was YUMMYYYYY!!!

Caramel latte for sis

Chocolate fondue ... I love chocolate, but I'm not a huge fan of the fondue because its too thick & hot

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Some Pictures From the UK

Summer 2010

Gazelles in a theme park by the water ride

 Not an amazing picture, but I had to put this! LoL

I've seen a lot of these there

My little sis .. too bad I was sick that day & I didn't get to go there with them

 Good bye kiss haha

Saturday, April 16, 2011

My Day @ Dubai Mall

I went to the dubai mall this morning with my mom & sis for shopping
I wanted to watch a movie but there was no time and we were too tired from shopping all day .. its too much walking there! And to make it even worse, I was wearing heels -_-! I'm not the type of girl who wears heels a lot and can walk in them easily, but I have a special pair that I LOVE + they're comfy .. but no matter what, never wear heels to Dubai mall !!

We sat in the cafe by the ice rink for breakfast (MBco), it was nice looking at the people skating, tripping and falling down =p

I ordered the oven baked omlete with beef strips and orange juice .. not bad

After a while of shopping, I saw this  from Brunetti and I couldn't resist

Its usually the opposite, but I got the cheese cake gelato & my sis got chocolate
And so the day there ended after more shopping for my little sis