Monday, April 11, 2011

My First Post

I've never created a blog before; however, I've been reading many of them for the past several months. I have always been thinking about starting a blog, but I never got the courage to do so, because I didn't know what would I write about.
This blog will mainly be about things that interest me, whether its food, shopping, make up, travelling or even interesting news and articles.

Hope you enjoy it


  1. I am positive will enjoy ur blog!;* Wlecome to the bloggers world dear!!!!;D

  2. Thaaaaaaanks :D :* love ur blog (new website) btw

  3. halla wallah!!!! welcome to the blog world! mashallah. I'm sure you will enjoy blogging. I love it... Thanks for the follow. I will be reading yours... I can't wait.. welcome, again.. ((((Hugs)))))

  4. Ahlaain :D
    wow what a lovely welcoming comment
    I love it already ..thaanks a lot dear
    *hugs back*