Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Make Up Forever brush

I've had this brush for about a year now and I think that its a MUST if ur the type of person whos always late.
Mostly, I don't get up on time every morning, whether its for uni or anything else, so I put on my make up in the car sometimes if I'm very late.
The brushes I used to use before buying this one were getting damaged because I used to throw them in my make up bag without anything to cover it, this brush comes with a case, so it will always stay safe and clean :P plus its very soft and nice to use =D


  1. I agree, and i hate it when the, if they are to be called hairs of the bursh?, anyway, i hate it when they keep falling off or sticking to your face.

  2. Ya me too !! Nothing falls out of this brush =p its so amazing i love it !!

  3. Akbaaaaar ghalaaaa6 et7i6een ur kabuki brush without a cover! o hatha 7ada it a must for me! ib chem?;p

  4. ya adri but i never found one with a cover ela hathi .. w i love the little case tht comes with it
    I bought it a long time ago, mat'thakar .. bs i think its around 150 Dirhams ta8reeban