Thursday, April 14, 2011


elsalam 3laikm :D

So as its written in the picture, the iPad2 is thinner, lighter, faster, it has a camera and the battery lasts longer than the older iPad
When the iPad first came out, I immediately thought that its pointless to buy one because everything in it is the same as whats in an apple laptop or even an iPhone, except the touch screen feature
But now, I really want an iPad2, I would be able to carry it with me anywhere and use it when I'm bored, the laptop is too heavy to carry around everywhere, its more than enough carrying it in uni all day
I don't think its out yet in Dubai though .. Can't wait :D
shu raykm? If u have an iPad already or know someone who has one, what do u think the best/worst thing in it? Do u really think there's a point of buying one? In other words, is it worth it?


  1. I really think that you should buy one, since its easier for you in uni. I dont have an ipad but my friend does, and she has this sticker she puts in the screen to protect it & of course you need a cover. I think, ask any of your friends that go to uni and see if they think its better. & if its worth it, well... i dont know, but i think i do, you can use it in many different ways.

  2. I won't be using it in uni, its hard to type with it, I think its mainly for entertainment purposes
    I'll be asking my friends about it though
    Thanks =)