Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Dior Airflash Spray Foundation

hii ;D 

This is just my personal opinion on the Airflash spray foundation, I'm not a make up artist or anything like that. However, I have tried many foundations and this is the BEST one so far. It gives a nice finish and it fully covers any blemishes very well without looking fake, it stays on the face ALL day without getting wiped out. It also gives a nice, natural glow to my face & its so fun to apply. The only downside to applying it is that it might get to the hair, so I cover my hair before spraying it on my face and I have to wipe it off my brows if I spray any there by mistake. Its much neater to spray it then even it out with a brush, I have seen some people applying it without using a brush afterwards, this looks kind of messy.
What I do is I spray it on my face in the shape of letter "Z" or in a wavy motion, then I use a brush to spread it everywhere evenly, if I see that I need more, then I go ahead and apply more and even it out again. I learned how to do this myself after several attempts of finding out the right way of using it, then I found a youtube video that explains it.
I definitely think its a must-have, at least to try at first and compare with other foundations you use, there's a huge chance you'll go back to the air flash :p. This is the only foundation that I keep buying when I run out of it, although I don't use it everyday just because it takes more time to apply than a regular compressed powder foundation.


  1. I really wanna try it out!
    it's a new idea for a foundation.

  2. u should ... its really amazing ;)