Friday, April 15, 2011

"Illuminating Finish Powder Compact Foundation"


I've tried several foundations for a long time, and I could never find one good enough for everyday use. My top 2 foundations besides this one which is from Bobby Brown are from Mac and Dior (Air Flash). The powder foundation from Mac was too heavy and I felt bad for my skin when putting on this foundation, and the Dior Airflash took me a long time to apply so it wasn't suitable for everyday use. My friends recommended the HD foundation from make up forever for daily use. However, I ended up buying this one (Bobby Brown) when I could not find the Make up Forever store. I love this foundation! Thank god I couldn't find make up forever that day lol :P. Its amazing because its not too heavy for the skin, nor too light to fade off by the end of the day + SPF12. It covers up just right and its easy to apply! I still want to try the one from make up forever though, I might buy it after I finish with this one.
So whats your favorite foundation?


  1. Wow, really?
    I'm using MAC foundation, and i do think that it is heavy, and by the minute you put your hand on your face, it all fades and goes away. I'm still searching for the best foundation, i think i might buy this one and try it. What i learned from the MAC foundation is if you apply moisturizer, it kinda stays longer, but still.. it fades one way or the other

    Really looking forward for more posts ;)

  2. Its different on each person, not everyone's skin is the same
    Thanks for stopping by :D

  3. I use this one too and I love it!