Thursday, April 28, 2011

Gel Eye Liner

Bobbi Brown or Mac?

I have been using Mac gel liner for a long time, but recently, I noticed that its not good enough for me, it always dries up really fast (in its pot), since I got it & its not as dark as I want it to be.
Many have reccomended the Bobbi Brown gel liner and prefer it over the Mac, so I'm thinking of trying it out.
However, I also want to go back to using liquid liner.
I don't like pencil eye liners, I don't find them looking as neat when applying & they don't stay long enough
Which type eye liner do you use and what do you prefer?
What do you think of gel eye liners?


  1. pencil eyeliner ,, spread along the eye using a contour brush, use q-tips to remove any access or to neat the line to the thickness u want, make it more easy by putting some natural eye shadow on the q-tip.
    then apply black eye shadow over it with small angled brush, to set, blend.
    too many steps but trust me u'll love the results :P

  2. ya I've tried something similar before.. the results are amazing, but its too many steps when I don't have time
    Will definitely try this though
    Thanks ;D

  3. I have the Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner and it's not that different from MAC and sometimes Mac is much better but i prefer the liquid eyeliner it's much darker and stays longer! the liquid eyeliner From Isadora is very nice!

  4. Go for Lancome liquid liner! :D You won't regret it!