Saturday, May 26, 2012




Zayed University students, including us, will gain knowledge about how to use the website “Pinterest”. This website is becoming more well-known nowadays, so it is important for people to know what it is about and how to use it. “Pinterest” is becoming one of the many important sites for creativity, as well as searching for pictures, especially that pictures can be found by themes. Users of this site can also illustrate picture boards that consist of steps on how to make certain things such as cooking a specific dish, therefore the students would be able to benefit from this site after knowing how to use it. Another important reason for ZU students to learn about this site is that it is a useful tool to connect people from all over the world through their interests, by posting boards of the things they like and “pinning” pictures onto them. Moreover, we will be gaining an overview of how to use this website and how to benefit from it, as well as meanings of the terms used in it. Moreover, as ZU students, we can benefit from this tool for several aspects throughout our work. For instance, a student would be able to create a board for a certain assignment topic and present it to their classmate through pictures for quick suggestions and ideas. Another usage could be pining pictures of drawings done by art students (by scanning them first) or for graphic design students by uploading their designs to Pinterest and getting feedback on them from other users as well.




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We had a very rich experience with both project 1 and 2. We learned a lot about several new tools, not just the tool we used to present in the project. For example, we would have never used tools such as PodoMatic or even SlideShare if it was not for these two projects. We feel more experienced now since we did not even realize that there are such useful tools in the internet. If we were asked to do project 1 again we would have planned our time earlier to make sure everything is organized. Another thing we would change or do differently is prepare the projector and make sure it works properly on the laptop we will be using to avoid wasting time and to look more professional while presenting. Finally, we were a bit nervous while presenting, it would have been better if we practiced more before the actual presentation to feel more confident and be able to deliver the information to the class in an easier, more  interesting and understandable way.