Friday, May 6, 2011

Neutrogena 6 Hour Protection Lip Balm

Hi :D

This lip balm is AMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAZING!!! If you have dry lips you seriously have to tryyyyyyyyyy it !!!! A friend recommended this to me a few days ago, so I tried it out. But I never expected such results!!! It moisturized my lips instantly !! + The effect of the results really last, unlike other lip balms or lip moisturizers, they just moisturize your lips when you apply it then your lips go back to being dry. Its very smooth, so the skin absorbs it very well and leaves your lips very soft, they'll look like they've never been dry. However, the only thing I didn't like about it is the taste when it gets in my mouth by mistake, yet thats not a reason not to buy it since the results are AMAZING. The packaging is great also, the tip of it is round so its applied very smoothly.
Thats just my own opinion on this product after trying it and seeing its results :).


  1. eeeeee ma3rooooooof ena zaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaain;p bes habeen ib Labello and Vaseline lip balm

  2. 9dgch ..
    kla hal labello w el vasline :p
    bs hatha mafi a7san mna

  3. I can confirm this is amazing but I am now unable to buy it in the UK. If anyone knows where I can buy it please please please let me know.