Friday, May 20, 2011

Soprano XL: Painless Hair Removal Laser

I read about this laser recently in a magazine, and it says that its suitable for all skin types and its painless. Unlike other types of lasers, they may cause burns since they're not suitable for all hair and skin types. I also asked my friend to ask her mother about it (she's a dermatologist) and she said the same thing.
Tell me in the comments please if you ever tried it or heard anything about it.

I can't wait to try it!!


  1. I never tried it but i did a laser treatment in Germany and it was very different than the one i am ding here!! Yes, it hurts but the hurt eli agder at7amla;p

  2. Kel shay '3air bara3:P
    the laser which I do also hurts a bit, but b4 it used to hurt more,
    since this is available here, I'm thinking of trying this one for other areas that might hurt more

  3. I must admit you share a tremendous amount of information regarding that center. Personally i will take care of every single word that you had mention over here.

  4. Does anyone konw which laser has a higher long-term success rate:
    the Sporano XL or a Lightsheer by Lumines.