Thursday, April 28, 2011

Gel Eye Liner

Bobbi Brown or Mac?

I have been using Mac gel liner for a long time, but recently, I noticed that its not good enough for me, it always dries up really fast (in its pot), since I got it & its not as dark as I want it to be.
Many have reccomended the Bobbi Brown gel liner and prefer it over the Mac, so I'm thinking of trying it out.
However, I also want to go back to using liquid liner.
I don't like pencil eye liners, I don't find them looking as neat when applying & they don't stay long enough
Which type eye liner do you use and what do you prefer?
What do you think of gel eye liners?

Monday, April 25, 2011

Le Boudoir d'Eden

Hi ..;D

I've seen this store in Lebanon before it opens here & I was glad to finally see a branch here in Dubai Mall. There's also another branch in Mirdif City Center, but the main one which has more things is the one in Dubai Mall. Le Boudoir d'Eden has scarfs and a lot of very nice accessories that I couldn't even choose from.These are some of the things my sis & I bought. I don't like the ribbon on the ring in the 4th pic, I'm thinking of removing it :P

Friday, April 22, 2011

Al Soufra - InterContinental Dubai Festival City

I went for lunch yesterday in AlSoufra which is a Lebanese restaurant in intercontinental hotel in festival city. The food was alright, I've eaten better Lebanese food though. The place was empty, so it didn't feel nice sitting there without seeing other people besides us and another group at the other end of the place. Overall, I'd never go back there, it wasn't a nice experience for the reasons I just mentioned. I don't think its worth going to since there are much better restaurants of the same cuisine.

 Not something I'd want to see when I go to a restaurant ^

This tatsted amazing though ^

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Dior Airflash Spray Foundation

hii ;D 

This is just my personal opinion on the Airflash spray foundation, I'm not a make up artist or anything like that. However, I have tried many foundations and this is the BEST one so far. It gives a nice finish and it fully covers any blemishes very well without looking fake, it stays on the face ALL day without getting wiped out. It also gives a nice, natural glow to my face & its so fun to apply. The only downside to applying it is that it might get to the hair, so I cover my hair before spraying it on my face and I have to wipe it off my brows if I spray any there by mistake. Its much neater to spray it then even it out with a brush, I have seen some people applying it without using a brush afterwards, this looks kind of messy.
What I do is I spray it on my face in the shape of letter "Z" or in a wavy motion, then I use a brush to spread it everywhere evenly, if I see that I need more, then I go ahead and apply more and even it out again. I learned how to do this myself after several attempts of finding out the right way of using it, then I found a youtube video that explains it.
I definitely think its a must-have, at least to try at first and compare with other foundations you use, there's a huge chance you'll go back to the air flash :p. This is the only foundation that I keep buying when I run out of it, although I don't use it everyday just because it takes more time to apply than a regular compressed powder foundation.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Clinique Toner

I know many people have talked about this already, but from asking my friends, not all girls know about this amazing toner. After using it, I realized the wonders it does, I really feel how clean my skin becomes, so it helps prevent break outs. The downside to it is that it dries your skin because it has alcohol in it, however this is not a problem as long as you use a moisturizer after it. There are 4 different kinds for the different skin types, mine is the 2nd one for combination skin. I have never used a toner before this one, I didn't think its important to use one, but trust me it really cleans your skin!!! It removes foundation that you wouldn't even see after removing your make up!! I'm not an expert in this, this is just my personal opinion after using the toner, I have read a lot of reviews about it and I never heard a single bad thing.

Chocolate bar


I went to chocolate bar last night for dessert, I never went there before & I don't know why =p
The picture above is of the branch in Dubai Mall, but the one I went to is in Mirdif City Center

Chocolate gelato for me... it was YUMMYYYYY!!!

Caramel latte for sis

Chocolate fondue ... I love chocolate, but I'm not a huge fan of the fondue because its too thick & hot

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Some Pictures From the UK

Summer 2010

Gazelles in a theme park by the water ride

 Not an amazing picture, but I had to put this! LoL

I've seen a lot of these there

My little sis .. too bad I was sick that day & I didn't get to go there with them

 Good bye kiss haha

Saturday, April 16, 2011

My Day @ Dubai Mall

I went to the dubai mall this morning with my mom & sis for shopping
I wanted to watch a movie but there was no time and we were too tired from shopping all day .. its too much walking there! And to make it even worse, I was wearing heels -_-! I'm not the type of girl who wears heels a lot and can walk in them easily, but I have a special pair that I LOVE + they're comfy .. but no matter what, never wear heels to Dubai mall !!

We sat in the cafe by the ice rink for breakfast (MBco), it was nice looking at the people skating, tripping and falling down =p

I ordered the oven baked omlete with beef strips and orange juice .. not bad

After a while of shopping, I saw this  from Brunetti and I couldn't resist

Its usually the opposite, but I got the cheese cake gelato & my sis got chocolate
And so the day there ended after more shopping for my little sis

Friday, April 15, 2011

"Illuminating Finish Powder Compact Foundation"


I've tried several foundations for a long time, and I could never find one good enough for everyday use. My top 2 foundations besides this one which is from Bobby Brown are from Mac and Dior (Air Flash). The powder foundation from Mac was too heavy and I felt bad for my skin when putting on this foundation, and the Dior Airflash took me a long time to apply so it wasn't suitable for everyday use. My friends recommended the HD foundation from make up forever for daily use. However, I ended up buying this one (Bobby Brown) when I could not find the Make up Forever store. I love this foundation! Thank god I couldn't find make up forever that day lol :P. Its amazing because its not too heavy for the skin, nor too light to fade off by the end of the day + SPF12. It covers up just right and its easy to apply! I still want to try the one from make up forever though, I might buy it after I finish with this one.
So whats your favorite foundation?

Thursday, April 14, 2011


elsalam 3laikm :D

So as its written in the picture, the iPad2 is thinner, lighter, faster, it has a camera and the battery lasts longer than the older iPad
When the iPad first came out, I immediately thought that its pointless to buy one because everything in it is the same as whats in an apple laptop or even an iPhone, except the touch screen feature
But now, I really want an iPad2, I would be able to carry it with me anywhere and use it when I'm bored, the laptop is too heavy to carry around everywhere, its more than enough carrying it in uni all day
I don't think its out yet in Dubai though .. Can't wait :D
shu raykm? If u have an iPad already or know someone who has one, what do u think the best/worst thing in it? Do u really think there's a point of buying one? In other words, is it worth it?

Father & Daughter

Hellooo everyone

They're so adorable together (mashallah)! U should watch the rest of their videos =D

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Make Up Forever brush

I've had this brush for about a year now and I think that its a MUST if ur the type of person whos always late.
Mostly, I don't get up on time every morning, whether its for uni or anything else, so I put on my make up in the car sometimes if I'm very late.
The brushes I used to use before buying this one were getting damaged because I used to throw them in my make up bag without anything to cover it, this brush comes with a case, so it will always stay safe and clean :P plus its very soft and nice to use =D

Lebanon December 2009

These are just a few pics of my trip to Lebanon, it was in December so there wasn't much snow at that time of the year .. I have some more that I might add later on

^ my fav

Monday, April 11, 2011


I bought those sandals a couple of days ago from Kurt Geiger, just because I liked the size of the heels and the colorfulness. I'm not so sure if I like them anymore though, I'm thinking of returning them and getting something else instead. I want something colorful since most of the shoes I bought recently aren't. So I need opinions, should I keep it or exchange it with something else?

My First Post

I've never created a blog before; however, I've been reading many of them for the past several months. I have always been thinking about starting a blog, but I never got the courage to do so, because I didn't know what would I write about.
This blog will mainly be about things that interest me, whether its food, shopping, make up, travelling or even interesting news and articles.

Hope you enjoy it