Saturday, April 16, 2011

My Day @ Dubai Mall

I went to the dubai mall this morning with my mom & sis for shopping
I wanted to watch a movie but there was no time and we were too tired from shopping all day .. its too much walking there! And to make it even worse, I was wearing heels -_-! I'm not the type of girl who wears heels a lot and can walk in them easily, but I have a special pair that I LOVE + they're comfy .. but no matter what, never wear heels to Dubai mall !!

We sat in the cafe by the ice rink for breakfast (MBco), it was nice looking at the people skating, tripping and falling down =p

I ordered the oven baked omlete with beef strips and orange juice .. not bad

After a while of shopping, I saw this  from Brunetti and I couldn't resist

Its usually the opposite, but I got the cheese cake gelato & my sis got chocolate
And so the day there ended after more shopping for my little sis


  1. WOW, i really love DUBAI MALL! they say its the biggest mall in the world
    i went once in my visit to Dubai last month, i didnt get to do much things, since my plane was around 5p.m.
    But i had a lot of fun, and i hope i can come visit Dubai so i go to Dubai Mall and walk around and shop a little more with my husband.

  2. hehe .. Hope u do
    Thanks for stopping by :)